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Dahabshiil is the largest Africa-based money transfer business with agent locations and branches in over 140 countries worldwide. For over 40 years it has provided a valuable lifeline to many in East Africa and the Horn of Africa and it remains committed to its original values of trust, reliability, integrity and customer-focus. Dahabshiil is the first Money transfer company to be licensed in Kenya under the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) regulations with branches in Nairobi, Mombasa and more than 22 agents in all major towns. It is one of the fastest-growing agent and branch networks in the money transfer industry.The company has expanded its network of agents in both the payout locations in Africa and sending location in Europe, North America and Asia.Today more than 24,000 worldwide outlets provide services for its customers.Dahabshiil therefore proposes to offer the Money Transfer services through agent outlets under an agency agreement.

Agency Agreement: Responsibilities


As the Agent, Dahabshiil Money Transfer Limited will undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Provide policy guidelines, procedure manuals, standards and any other operational requirements necessary for effective and efficient provision of the Money Transfer Services.
  • Training of your staff on use of Money Transfer software.
  • Installation of the Money Transfer software on PCs to be used at you outlets.
  • Provide your outlets with all Merchandising materials for use at their location(s).
  • Undertake advertising and promotional programs and activities locally and internationally.
  • Handle all customer enquiries.
  • Implementation of programs and activities to monitor customer satisfaction, adherence to Money Transfer Service quality standards and identification of areas for improvement.
  • Carry out back office reconciliation to determine amount of money due to your outlets.

As the Agent, your outlets will be expected to undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Purchase of equipment for each outlet.
  • To avail Internet connectivity.
  • Provide sufficient cash float for the location offering Money Transfer Services.
  • Display merchandising materials provided at all branches.

Benefits of the Agency Agreement to your outlets

  • Fee based income with minimal investment in Hardware.
  • Minimal investment in advertising, promotions and merchandising materials.
  • Free installation of software.
  • Immediate partnership with a fast growing multi-million dollar business supported by extensive on-going advertising and promotion programs.
  • Incremental business income without any incremental investment cost.
Benefits to the Customers
Reliable and secure service
  • An extensive network of Agents, linked by computers around the world, ensures that customers’ money is transferred safely.
  • The amount that a client sends is automatically converted into the receiving local currency and the MTS agent is able to tell the client exactly how much the receiver will collect.
  • Thousands of people already use the Money Transfer Services every day, taking advantage of the extensive quality agent network.
Fast and convenient
  • Within minutes, your money can be in another continent, ready and waiting to be collected at any of the numerous agent locations.
Value for money
  • Money pick-up anywhere, anytime, no minimum or maximum amount required.
  • Enjoys the best rate in the market.
  • Simple customer instructions that make it easy for use by anyone. No bank account required.

If you would like to join our expanding network of agents, please download and complete the form and send it back to us. One of our sales team will contact you directly.
Send the completed form to:

P.O BOX 10422-00100
Nairobi Kenya

Check your transfer status

We have online portal where you can check your transfer status. click the link Online Transfer Status

Send And Receive Money

  1. Visit an Agent
  2. Complete the Form: Indicate the following
    Name of the Person
    Destination city & country
  3. Present ID and Payment to the Agent Clerk
  4. Collect Receipt: Save TTNo
  1. Visit an Agent
  2. Complete the Form: Indicate the following
    Sender's name
    Where money was sent from
    Expected amount
  3. Present ID and Form to the Agent
  4. Receive the Money
    Agent checks your ID
    You sign the receipt
    Agent gives you the money