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Dahabshiil Position on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the increasing spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to update you on the approach we are taking to alleviate the potential impact on remittances service delivery and minimize the risk the virus poses to our staff, customers and contacts.

In these challenging times, the services we render including remittances remain critical to millions of people and communities around the world. We assure our customers we shall be there for you and will ensure remittances reach your loved ones in a timely and efficient manner. Accordingly, our offices and branches across all 126 countries will remain open and accessible to customers.

The well being and health of our customers and staff is our priority, as it has always been. We will continue to adhere to the highest level of hygiene and will follow mitigation guidelines by competent authorities. All our Banking halls and offices will provide hygiene and cleaning materials including sanitizers, round the clock cleaning while monitoring the situation and taking quickest response actions.

As the situation is evolving, we will provide further updates as and when required. Please rest assured that Dahabshiil will take all measures to support and safeguard you and ensure continuity of service.

Check your transfer status

We have online portal where you can check your transfer status. click the link Online Transfer Status

Send And Receive Money

  1. Visit an Agent
  2. Complete the Form: Indicate the following
    Name of the Person
    Destination city & country
  3. Present ID and Payment to the Agent Clerk
  4. Collect Receipt: Save TTNo
  1. Visit an Agent
  2. Complete the Form: Indicate the following
    Sender's name
    Where money was sent from
    Expected amount
  3. Present ID and Form to the Agent
  4. Receive the Money
    Agent checks your ID
    You sign the receipt
    Agent gives you the money